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Rummieclub Spiced

Rummieclub Spiced is your perfect cold weather companion. Mild spices and citrus fruits warm you from the inside. You can use it in hot drinks like hot chocolate or use it for cocktails and mixed drinks. 

The artwork on our label is created by Bas Duijst, a graphic designer with love for magical illustrations. www.basduijst.nl

Making the rum from our organic molasses to putting on the labels is all done by Judith and Martijn in the distillery.

Orange, Molasses, Cinnamon, Cardemom and Black Lime

For this edition we macerated many spices and citrus fruits in rum from our distillery at around 60% to 70% abv. We really loved the flavours of the black lime and cardemom. And as we really loved the orange and cardemom combination we also use in our cocktail ‘Sproetensnoet’ we decided this would be our base spices and fruits for this edition. 

With this edition we aimed for a drink that really suits the warm and fuzzy vibes we need in winter time. With ingredients like cinnamon, black lime, all spice, orange and cardemom we believe we made a balanced drink that fits these vibes well. 


How to drink Rummieclub Spiced?

Our Rummieclub Spiced can be enjoyed in many mixers and cocktails that require spiced rum. It works well with cola and gingerbeer. It has also proven to work really well in hot chocolate. Let it warm you up from the inside on cold winter days. Need some inspiration? Below you can find some recipes.

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