At the Rummieclub distillery we are always busy making people happy; of course with our rums, but definitely also with our tropical cocktail packages, merchandise or white label options. Check it out and order your cocktail package or Rummieclub shirt below.

Colorfull white 2.0 - small size

Colourful White

Colourful White is an unaged white rum with a fruity and rich flavour. This rum is specifically made for use in tropical cocktails and mixed drinks. Due to small scale batch production, each batch is unique with slight differences between batches. The artwork on the label is made by Mick La Rock, a contemporary artist and muralist from Amsterdam.

Overproof - small size


This unaged Overproof rum has a strong and fruity flavour profile. The slow fermentation giving rise to its powerful fruity and funky notes makes it ideal for more complex cocktails and mixed drinks. The artwork on the label is made by Munir de Vries, a visual artist and muralist.

aged fles


At this moment we don’t have an aged Rummieclub edition as the rum is still getting better in our ex-bourbon casks. As we only got the key of the distillery in December 2019 we still need to wait a bit longer for this one, but from what we taste in the barrels this is going to be great! Cyril Bath is the artist who will be making the artwork for this label.

Our Cocktails

We developed most of our cocktails during the covid crisis when Judith biked though the city bringing everybody prebatched cocktails to drink at home. Our tropical (rum) cocktails are still very important for us and we frequently make people happy with packages for events or birthdays. You can now order your cocktail packages online at our shop

Cocktailbox - 27,50

A box with 6 surprisecocktails (250ml) send to your house. Perfect for birthday presents or a fun night with friends.

Cocktails - 5,-

Choose the cocktails you like for 5 euro a cocktail. Delivery time: 2 to 3 (week) days.

White-label, private barrels and contractdistilling

Do you think it’s really cool to have your own rum in your bar? That’s possible 😉 Let’s have a talk and see if we can create a lovely rum together. 

Next to our unaged rum we also have barrels (mostly ex-bourbon) in the distillery. Would you be interested in owning a barrel with your group of friends or for a special anniversary? Let us know and come visit us in the distillery. We are also available for contractdistilling if you would like to distill your own spirits.

Rummieclub Shirt - 15,-

Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L & XL
Slim Fit and Regular Fit


Rum&Choco Spoon - 5,-

Melt in a hot glass of milk and enjoy!