Thanks to a slow fermentation this unaged overproof (58%) rum has a fruity flavor profile. We have an overproof rum because it has a stronger flavor profile without the usual water added to 40%. You can still taste it though lime juice and other strong flavors. This makes it ideal for more complex cocktails and mix drinks.

Momentarily we are on to our second batch of Rummieclub Overproof. To make the second batch of Rummieclub Overproof we’ve pulled out all the stops to create an interesting and funky rum. This new overproof rum is build up from three different marques we make in our distillery. Our first marque is based on wild homegrown yeasts from rasberries from our garden. The second marque is made with dunder (the leftovers from the previous distillation). We balance these marques out with our base marque. The result is a fruity, a little funky unaged rum full of character at 58% abv.

All marques are made with organic molasses from Paraguay, fermented for a week or more, distilled in our iStill 500, without any filtration or additives.






Red Fruit, Butter, Pepper, Raisin, Molasses, Burned Tire


50 ml