This unaged Overproof rum has a strong and fruity flavour profile. The slow fermentation giving rise to its powerful fruity and funky notes makes it ideal for more complex cocktails and mixed drinks. 

Red Fruit, Butter, Pepper, Raisin, Molasses, Burned Tire

Momentarily we are on to our second batch of Rummieclub Overproof. We’ve pulled out all the stops to create an interesting and funky rum. This new overproof rum is build up from three different marques we make in our distillery. Our first marque is based on wild homegrown yeasts from rasberries from our garden. The second marque is made with dunder (the leftovers from the previous distillation). We balance these marques out with our base marque. The result is a fruity, a little funky unaged rum full of character at 58% abv.

All marques are made with organic molasses from Paraguay, fermented for a week or more, distilled in our iStill 500, without any filtration or additives.

Overproof rum is category of rum with a higher percentage of alcohol than regular rum. There are several stories on why it is called overproof and what exactly overproof means. Gun Powderproof, British overproof and American overproof are all different in ABV, but fall between 50% and 58%. Next to that you have some unaged Jamaican overproof rums which are mostly around 63% abv.

Rummieclub Overproof rum has an alcohol percentage of 58%. We tried several different ABV’s and we liked the 58% best, it opens up the rum just enough to reveal its base flavour profile. At higher ABV’s it is difficult to smell what you are actually going to taste when you try the rum.

Every edition of Rummieclub rum has an artwork on the frontlabel which is made by a different local (graffiti) artist. The artwork on this label is made by Munir de Vries, a local visual artist and muralist. The label represents animals getting drunk from overripe fruits.

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How to drink the Overproof?

Rum is a wonderful spirit to drink neat, but is also widely used in awesome cocktails. Our Overproof is especially made for complex (tropical) cocktails. Need some inspiration? Below you can find some recipes with our rums.


Location fermentation & distillation Rummieclub distillery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Single Distillery Yes
Source material Organic Molasses from Paraguay
Primary Yeast Source A combination of cultured yeast and airborne yeasts
Fermentation Time Around 7 to 14 days
Yeast Type Saccharomyces Cervisiae
Fermentation vessel type Stainless Steel
Temperature controlled  No
Wash size and proof 500 liters at+-8%
Open fermentation Sometimes (depends on the weather)
Distillation and still Batch distillation in a Istill500
About the still Istill is a hybrid still with multiple options to run the still. See picture and explanation at the our craft page.
Still material Stainless steel. We use copper waffles and a copper reflux capacitor to extract undesired compounds. 
Still heat source Electric heaters in the boiler (direct heating) 
Off the still proof 75-85% ABV
Filtration Non chill filtered, no charcoal filtering
Additives (color, sugar) Nothing
Water source Water from the dutch dunes, extra filtration for prooving (reverse osmoses) 
Bottle proof 58% ABV
Resting time in RVS tanks Three to four months
Ester and congener count Is currently under analysis