Rummieclub is Amsterdam’s newly opened rum distillery by Judith de Bie and Martijn Gerrits. We stand for true craftmanship combined with fun vibes. Except making good rum we also want people to experience what rum really is; a super diverse and very interesting spirit. 

But how did it get so out of control that we turned our lives up side down and started a rum distillery?

I guess we were always experimenting with foods and drinks to make them ourselves and sharing our results with friends. As the spirits category already was a big interest for us we became hobby distillers and visited Whisky distilleries in Scotland. As the years past by, the joke of starting our own distillery wasn’t really a joke anymore. At some point we just decided to try to make it happen and see if it was possible. We often get the question why rum? Because we love rum, rum cocktails and the wonderful vibes of the rum world. A spirit that deserves more love and attention than it usually gets right now.

Our decision to start a rum distillery meant that we had to sell our house and moved to the Bijlmer to have a small start-up capital. Judith started working part-time to research everything and make it happen. After a few locations that didn’t work out we found a beautiful building in the east side of Amsterdam in Diemen. We decided to make a crowdfunding campaign, selling our first rum bottles to close the small financial gap to buy our equipment. As we already signed a rental agreement we were very happy the crowdfunding was successful. Then the waiting started, the build had a lot of delay and it took ages. Almost a year later with our living room full of equipment and barrels we finally got the key in December 2019

Since then we have been producing rum, filling up some casks and perfecting our recipe for the unaged rums (Colourful White and Overproof). The COVID crisis meant we haven’t had the possibility of organizing our opening party and gave us some extra delays. We did got to organize a city wide cocktail delivery service, which worked out pretty well. Our tropical cocktails will stay an important part in our business. From the summer of 2020 our first bottles of rum went to the liquor stores and bars to be sold.

Making rum is not difficult. Making the rum you want takes a lot of practice and knowledge. That’s why for the last few years we are trying to soak up as much information about rum as possible. We read books about fermentation, rum making, whisky making and distilling. We also traveled to distilleries in the Caribbean to learn from producers there. All this together with lots and lots of experiments brought us to where we are right now: having our own distillery.

Next to rum production we like to invest our time in rum education through tasting and (online) masterclasses. We found out that there is a lot to learn and want to share what we know with fellow rum enthusiasts. As there isn’t that much basic knowledge about rum and the spirit has a lot to offer we think it is really important to share information about this great and super diverse spirit. We also love to add some good vibes to a party with our cocktails.