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Rummieclub Honey

Rummieclub Honey is a blend of rum from our distillery, honey from a local beekeeper and a touch of our artisanal orange liqueur. It results in a sweet, but fresh and characterful drink that can be used in many ways. Enjoy a tot to relax after dinner or mix it with ginger ale and lemon for a fun night with friends.

Making the rum from our organic molasses to putting on the labels is all done by Judith and Martijn in the distillery.

Honey, Orange, Molasses and Dried Fruits

The honey we use for this edition comes from the local city beekeeper Bijgein. It’s a flower honey, made by the bees and extracted by beekeeper Michael; a high quality product from nature itself.  

We wanted to introduce a honey rum as we loved the ‘Ron Miel’ during our visits to The Canary Islands. It is of course on the sweet side, but it’s very honest about its additives. With it’s 35% abv this edition is a bit more of an entry level drink, but still has a lot of rum character. 

How to drink Rummieclub Honey?

Our Rummieclub Honey can be enjoyed on it’s own with some ice after dinner or can be used in many mixers. Ginger-ale has proven to be a good combination. Need some inspiration? Below you can find some recipes.

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