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Rummieclub is a distillery specialized in creating rum. Except making good rum we also want people to experience what rum really is. In masterclasses we explain where rum comes from, how it is made and explain the difference between various types of rum. Of course you can also taste and smell everything from the ingredients until the great tasting end product!


At Rummieclub distillery we do everything ourselves. Fermentation, distillation, aging and even bottling and labeling are all done in-house. By being open and honest about our rum making process, we want to contribute to the knowledge of rum. Once we start producing you can find Rummieclub rum in liquor stores and bars. We will also be selling rum and cocktails on festivals and host events.


We both share a great love for rum. Martijn is aways interested in how things are made and then doing it himself. He loves high quality products and seeing people enjoy what he has created. For Judith rum means Caribbean vibes, and having a good time with friends. We try to reflect this in our rum, good quality rum that can make the party. In the past years we learned a lot about rum. We talked to professionals, visited rum festivals and we went on a rum study trip to he Caribben. Now we want to share our love for rum with everyone and give them a taste of our creation!

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