At Rummieclub we love to share our rum love with the world. The last few years we have been building a community with our Rummieclub vibes; fun combined with quality. So don’t be shy to ask us for events, masterclasses or teamactivities you’re planning. Below you can find some more information on what we offer. 


Rummieclub Class (on location)

At Rummieclub we think it's really important to share rum knowledge. Most of the people don't know a lot about rum or are prejudiced because they had some bad experiences. In this class we share our knowledge in a fun and entertaining way. It takes around 2,5 hours, obviously includes tasting some rums and costs 25 euro’s. Planning something for a group or is it just you? Just contact us and will let you know what dates we have available.

Cocktail events

Are you organising an event that can use some Rummieclub vibes? We'd love to come and create some wonderful cocktails for a affordable price. Do you want a fixed number of cocktails or do you want people to buy their cocktails? Both is possible. Call or email us and we can check whatever fits your event best.

Team activities

Organising a bachelor party or a teamactivity? Get the Rummieclub vibes. We'd love to organise an evening or afternoon together with a focus on rum or cocktails and an optional barbeque. Expect a lot of fun and eye openers that will change the way you buy your rum. Virgin cocktails are always an option. Get in touch and we can plan together whatever suits your group best!

Do you want to organise something with us? Send a mail to judith@rummieclub.nl and we’ll get back to you.