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Colourful White

Rummieclub Colourful white rum is an unaged rum with a fruity and intense flavour profile. It’s our base product and especially suited for nice tropical cocktails. See the link below for some recipes. Making the rum from our organic molasses to putting on the labels is all done by Judith and Martijn in the distillery.

Molasses, Grassy, Dried Fruit and Liquorice

With a fermentation of around a week and the involvement of airborne yeast some congeners (flavour compounds) are formed. But since this is our base product it’s not too heavy and can be used in many ways. If you want to know more about how we made this rum see the table below and our page Our Craft. The artwork on the label is made by Mick La Rock and also shines as a beautiful mural behind the still.

How to drink the Colourful White rum?

Rum is a wonderful spirit to drink neat, but is also widely used in awesome cocktails. Our unaged Colourful White is especially made for (tropical) cocktails. Need some inspiration? Below you can find some recipes with our rums.


Location fermentation & distillation Rummieclub distillery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Single Distillery Yes
Source material Organic Molasses from Paraguay
Primary Yeast Source A combination of cultured yeast and airborne yeasts
Fermentation Time Around 5 to 7 days
Yeast Type Saccharomyces Cervisiae
Fermentation vessel type Stainless Steel
Temperature controlled  Istill: Yes (25 degrees) Other fermentation tanks: No
Wash size and proof 500 liters at+-8%
Open fermentation Istill: No. Other fermentations: Sometimes (depends on the weather)
Distillation and still Batch distillation in a Istill500
About the still Istill is a hybrid still with multiple options to run the still
Still material Stainless steel. We use copper waffles and a copper reflux capacitor to extract undesired compounds. 
Still heat source Electric heaters in the boiler (direct heating) 
Off the still proof +- 80% ABV
Filtration Non chill filtered, no charcoal filtering
Additives (color, sugar) Nothing
Water source Water from the dutch dunes, extra filtration for prooving (reverse osmoses) 
Bottle proof 40% ABV
Resting time in RVS tanks Three to four months