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Rummieclub Barrel Aged

Rummieclub Barrel Aged is an aged rum blended from a handpicked selection of casks from our distillery. The barrels are selected for a perfect balance between flavors from the cask and the rum itself. Enjoy it on its own or with a mixer like cola or ginger beer. Due to small scale production, each batch is unique with slight differences between batches.

The artwork on our label is made by Cyril ‘BatArtworks’ Bath, a graffiti artist and brand designer. www.batartworks.com

Molasses, Dried Fruits, Vanilla, Oak and Liquorice

Rummieclub Barrel Aged is our basic edition aged rum, where we searched for an easy going, but still very rummy rum at around 45% abv. In Batch 1 we used 1 to 1,5 year old rummieclub barrels from 100 and 50 liter ex-bourbon casks to build this blend. 

We hope it can become your go to rum for a nice rum&coke, rum&gingerbeer or just on its own.
Of course without any additives, but with a wonderful artwork from a local graffiti artist.

How to drink?

Rum is a wonderful spirit to drink neat, but is also widely used in awesome cocktails. It doesn’t always have to be complex; just mix this rum with coke or gingerbeer and add some lime, enjoy! Need some inspiration? Below you can find some recipes with our rums.


Location fermentation & distillationRummieclub distillery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Single DistilleryYes
Source materialOrganic Molasses from Paraguay
Primary Yeast SourceA combination of cultured yeast and airborne yeasts
Fermentation TimeAround 7 days
Fermentation vessel typeStainless Steel
Wash size and proof500 liters at+-8%
Open fermentationSometimes
Distillation and stillBatch distillation in a Istill500
About the stillIstill is a hybrid still with a mutiple programs
Still materialStainless steel. We use copper waffles and a copper reflux capacitor to extract undesired compounds. 
Still heat sourceElectric heaters in the boiler (direct heating) 
Off the still proof70-80% ABV
FiltrationNon chill filtered, no charcoal filtering
Additives (color, sugar)Nothing
Water sourceWater from the dutch dunes, extra filtration for prooving (reverse osmoses) 
Bottle proof45% ABV
Location AgingRummieclub distillery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Minimum Age in Wood1 year (a blend of 1 to 1,5 year old rum)
Barrel entry proof60 percent ABV
Cask TypeEx-bourbon barrels
Cask Size50, 100 and 200 liter barrels
First FillYes