Rummieclub Aged

At this moment we don’t have an aged Rummieclub edition as the rum is still getting better in our ex-bourbon casks. As we only got the key of the distillery in December 2019 we still need to wait a bit longer for this one, but from what we taste in the barrels this is going to be great! You can already find some basic information about the rum in the table below. Cyril Bath is the artist who will be making the artwork for this label.

How to drink?

Rum is a wonderful spirit to drink neat, but is also widely used in awesome cocktails. Need some inspiration? Below you can find some recipes with our rums.


Location fermentation & distillation Rummieclub distillery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Single Distillery Yes
Source material Organic Molasses from Paraguay
Primary Yeast Source A combination of cultured yeast and airborne yeasts
Fermentation Time Around 6 to 7 days
Yeast Type Saccharomyces Cervisiae
Fermentation vessel type Stainless Steel
Temperature controlled
Istill: Yes (25°). Fermentation tank 1 and 2: No
Wash size and proof 500 liters at+-8%
Open fermentation Istill: No. Fermentation tank 1 and 2: Sometimes
Distillation and still Batch distillation in a Istill500
About the still Istill is a hybrid still with a mutiple programs
Still material Stainless steel. We use copper waffles and a copper reflux capacitor to extract undesired compounds. 
Still heat source Electric heaters in the boiler (direct heating) 
Off the still proof 80-85% ABV
Filtration Non chill filtered, no charcoal filtering
Additives (color, sugar) Nothing
Water source Water from the dutch dunes, extra filtration for prooving (reverse osmoses) 
Bottle proof 40% ABV
Location Aging Rummieclub distillery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands or E&A warehouse, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Minimum Age in Wood ‘X’ years (still in the casks)
Barrel entry proof 60 percent ABV
Cask Type Ex-bourbon barrels
Cask Size 100 and 200 liter barrels
First Fill Yes