Distillery Inventory

NameAmountCategoryDescriptionNotes/photoLink Price NewOur discounted Price (ex VAT)Available
Available (Y/N)
75 liter
4TanksWith tap, handles and screw top. Light traces of usage. 13055A preference for pick up end of April or May, but before 31 May. N (4)
100 liter
5TanksWith tap, handles and screw top. Light traces of usage. Brouwland20090A preference for pick up end of April or May, but before 31 May. N (5)
Synthetic tank 120L1TanksWith clamp lidJerrycanshop3615A preference for pick up end of April or May, but before 31 May. Y
150 liter
2TanksWith tap and basic top. Light traces of usage. Wider low tank+ Handmade rollable plateau (+10 euro) 18585A preference for pick up end of April or May, but before 31 May. N (2)
200 liter
2TanksWith tap and basic top. Light traces of usage. Higher narrow tankBrouwland210100A preference for pick up end of April or May, but before 31 May. N(2)
400 liter
1TanksWith tap. Light traces of usage+ lid (+15 euro)350150A preference for pick up end of April or May, but before 31 May.N
500 liter
1TanksWithout tap. Light traces of usage+ floating lid (+35) or normal lid (+15)Brouwland
450200A preference for pick up end of April or May, but before 31 May.N
600 liter
2TanksWithout tap. Light traces of usage. Two types: one more narrow and high, the other lower and broader (only floating lid)+ floating lid (+35) or normal lid (+15)550250A preference for pick up end of April or May, but before 31 May.Y (2)
Brouwpomp Novax B 20 mm2EquipmentOne used one and one totally new in the box+ hozes with Gardena and Istill connections (+15 euro)Brouwland
120Used: 35
New: 95
The new one can be picked up immediately, the used one and hozes we need until beginning of May N (2)
Reverse osmosis machine1Equipmentreverse osmosis 380 liter/day. Connect it to your tap. OsmoPure 100 BAOsmoseapparaat.nl7030A preference for pick up end of April or May, but before 31 May.N
Filtering Sieves5EquipmentRound sieves to filter. 200micron, 100micron, 50 micron, 10 micron and 5 micron. All 50 cm diameter and 10cm high500 (total)Per Piece: 25
Total: 100
Immediately availableN
Easydens Anton Paar1EquipmentAlcohol and density meter450200Pick up or transport beginning of MayN
iStill Mini 6L1Equipmentwith extractoriStill | Distilling Made Easy50001850Immediately availableY (under offer)
iStill 500l1Equipmentan iStill 500 NextGen with a Jet Propulsion Agitator System iStill 500NG and a Boiler radiator iStill 500, an Additional square manhole iStill500 and a Reflux CapacitoriStill | Distilling Made Easy62.50035.000Pick up or transport beginning of MayY (under offer)
IBC stands2EquipmentTo put an IBC on. Super useful for working with molasses, as gravity can do it’s work. Also great extra storage under the IBC. 1 meter high. https://www.kruizinga.nl/ibc-container/ibc-steun/9535/nieuw/99-9535-01433175Available from end of April N (2)
Empty IBC’s3EquipmentPossible for fermentations or storage. Foodsafe. 1000 liters. 2 contained molasses, one contained GNS20050Available from mid AprilY (3)
Water hoze to attache to the wall1EquipmentGardena – 15meterGAMMA | Gardena wandslangenbox Roll Up 15 meter incl. tuinspuit kopen? | slanghaspels-slangenwagens14065Available from MayN
Humidifier – 50l1EquipmentHumidifier to create good environment for the casksTaylor Swoden Luchtbevochtiger met Aromatherapie – Humidifier – 3 Vernevelingsstanden… | bol5020Immediately availableY
Filling machine1EquipmentFilling machine for bottles, for all sizes (adaptable), with foot pedal. Hanchen27595Preference for pick up between end of April and end of May. N
Manual Labeling machine1EquipmentManual labeling machine for straight bottles. HanchenAmazon 20075Immediately availableN
Photo studio for products1EquipmentA foldable box with several backgrounds and lights + statiefhttps://www.kamera-express.nl/falcon-eyes-dv-96v-k2-regelbare-led-lamp-set-met-accu17575Immediately availableY
Rum Aroma Academy set1EquipmentIt contains 24 nosing samples exploring a gamut of familiar rum notes, alongside with a booklet to help guide you through the kit.Rum Aroma Kit – Aroma Academy | Master of Malt12525Immediately availableN
Hot gun for shrink caps1EquipmentHot air gun for shrinking capsGamma Heteluchtpistool JS-RFA0818A | GAMMA3520Immediately availableY
Pallet truck1EquipmentPallet truck MW 2500kg 115cm Mammuth250150Pick up or transport MayN
Reform ladder1Equipment3×9 steps, 529 cm max hight, brand Escalo330100Available from MayN
Coffee machine: cups1EquipmentNespresso Krups, WhiteKrups Nespresso Essenza Mini XN1108 – Koffiecupmachine – Zwart | bol9245Available from MayY
Tilt measuring fermentations1EquipmentTilt™ Wireless Hydrometer and Thermometer – Tilt Hydrometer13545Available end of AprilN
Smaller equipmentLotsEquipmentSmall laboratory equipment, PH meter, fruit dryer, molasses mixer, measuring cups, ginbags, CO2 measuring, brew buckets and lots moreAsk usAsk usY
Jerrycans5l: 7
10l: 4
20l: 11
ContainersFoodsafe jerrycans for alcohol storage, several sizes20 liter stackable UN jerrycan – transparent – (jerrycanshop.nl)5l: 4
10l: 5
20l: 9
5l: 2
10l: 2,50
20l: 5
Preference for pick up between end of April and end of May. Y
N (20l’s)
Glass containersLots smaller ones
5l: 5x
ContainersGlass containers for tincturesRocco Bormioli Fido Weckpot 5 l | bol5l: 135l: 5
smaller sizes: 2,50
Immediately availableY
Glass ballons 5l13ContainersGlass ballons 5l for tasting with all the additions you needGlasballon 5000ml weiß gebohrt 28mm Stück | flaschen.de by Reis Packaging Europe Onlineshop2512,50Immediately availableY (1)
N (12)
Water vacuum cleaner1CleaningKärcher nat- en droogzuiger WD 4. Very useful in a distillery for both wet and dry cleaningKärcher nat- en droogzuiger WD 4 S V-20/5/22 | GAMMA15050Available from MayN
Paper dispenser on the wall1CleaningBrand ‘Black and orange’, with extra paper rolls3010Immediately availableY
Coriander seeds25kgStockCoriander seeds (whole)Koop online Koriander heel bij Natural Spices11 per kg3 per kgImmediately availableY (15 kg)
N (10kg)
Boxes: mini100Stockpostdoos klein voor bijvoorbeeld 2 miniatuurflesjes20 voor allesImmediately availableY
Boxes: one bottle shipment50Stockpostdoos voor 1 spirit fles Bruine postdoos Rajapost 33 x 10 x 10 cm | RAJA (rajapack.nl)1,110,55Immediately availableN
Herbs & Spices severalStocklots of different spices, have a look in our distilleryImmediately availableY
500ml bottles155StockOslo/Nocturne/RDB cork top+ cork, wooden top (+0,15)500ml Oslo, kurksluiting – Glasverpakkingen.nl1,701Immediately availableN
700ml bottles50StockOslo/Nocturne/RDB cork top+ cork, wooden top (+0,25)Dopkurk 22.5mm, Hout – Glasverpakkingen.nl21,25Immediately availableN
200ml bottles+-500StockOslo/Nocturne/RDB cork top+ cork, wooden top (+0,15)1,350,65Immediately availableN
Shrink CapsTransparent:+-1000
Black: +-500
StockBlackKrimpcapsule 33x45mm, transparant – Glasverpakkingen.nltotal:80
Immediately availableN: Transparent
N: Black
Boxes for 6 bottles75Stock30x20x26,5 cm 1,500,90Immediately availableN
Grain Neutral Spirit200StockNeutral grain spirit 96%2,951,50Immediately availableN
Warehouse rack1Furniture80cm depth, 2x 190cm broad en 250 cm high. Adjustable shelves750175Available from end of AprilN
Rummieclub LED Sign1FurniturePink Rummieclub LED sign that we used in the store. Collector’s item 😉450200Immediately availableN
Working table1FurnitureVogue werktafel INOX/RVS + bottom shelve 180x60x90Horeca RVS werktafel kopen? XXLselect T389 | XXLhoreca290135Available in MayN
Cabinets above working table: ENHET3FurnitureWhite ENHET: 60x30x75Bovenkastelement met planken, ENHET, wit, 60x30x75 cm – IKEA5020, total 50 euro.Preference for MayY
White cabinets BESTA7FurnitureWhite Besta: 40x60x64 + shelve in the middle (adjustable) + white door (push to open)Basiselement, BESTÅ, wit, 60x40x64 cm – IKEA5015, total 90Preference for MayY
High chairs, leather2FurnitureBar stools leather25065,
both 100
Preference for MayY
Salora TV1FurnitureSALORA TV HD ready 80cm with remote19550Immediately availableY
White chairs8Furniturewhite bucket seats7515, total for 95Immediately availableY
Partytent1FurnitureEasy up 3x3m gray luxe partytentEasy up 3x3m grijs luxe zonder zijwanden partytent – Koop-een-partytent.nl9025Immediately availableN
Foldable high tables: Black4FurnitureStatafel antraciet 110cmStatafel Antraciet 110 cm | GAMMA6020Immediately availableN
Shelves8FurnitureBlack wooden shelvesWandplank BERGSHULT/GRANHULT, bruinzwart/vernikkeld, 80×20 cm – IKEA205Immediately availableY (8)
High chairs, foldable2FurnitureBlack wooden, FRANKLIN, 74cm, blackBarkruk, FRANKLIN, zwart, opklapbaar, 74 cm – IKEA4515Immediately availableY (2)
Foldable table1FurnitureJysk. Campingtafel KULESKOG B75xL180 witCampingtafel KULESKOG B75xL180 wit | JYSK5020Immediately availableN
Office chair1FurnitureBlack nice office chair12545Preference from end of AprilY
Wooden benches2FurnitureZitbank Fareham – massief acaciahout/metaal. Home2422560,
both 95
Immediately availableN
Small white desk1FurnitureMICKE 105x50cmBureau MICKE 105×50 cm wit – IKEA8020Immediately availableY
Oak Table1Furniture200cmx100cm, beautiful wooden table with X shape black metal, brand Xooon1200375Immediately availableN
Prices are excluding VAT (if applicable) and transport. If you have any questions or would like more information about a product, let us know.