Barrel Friend

Wouldn’t it be super cool to have your own rum? At our distillery we have a cask offer or private label options. Become a Rummieclub Barrel Friend.

An anniversary or special event?
A cool project with your friends?
A promotional gift for your company?
Your own bar/liquor store rum?
An investment?

What is your cask filled with?

A full bodied rum made from organic molasses from Paraguay, distilled by Judith & Martijn. Tasting notes like toffee, liquorice and dried fruits. For a surcharge of 2,50 per liter we fill the barrel with a ‘heavy dunder’ rum or already aged rum from our casks.

What happens with the barrel?

You can come by to fill the cask together and put your name on there. You can choose if you want the barrel to mature in the distillery or in your home. When you decide your rum is ready to drink you can take your barrel home or let us bottle it for you (surcharge of 3,50 per bottle, including materials).