Rummieclub is Amsterdam’s newly opened rum distillery by Judith de Bie en Martijn Gerrits. We stand for true craftmanship combined with fun vibes. Except making good rum we also want people to experience what rum really is. We like to explain where rum comes from, how it is made and talk about the difference between various types of rum. Click here if you want to know more about how our lives got turned upside down.

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Colourful White

This unaged Overproof rum has a strong and fruity flavour profile. The slow fermentation giving rise to its powerful fruity and funky notes makes it ideal for more complex cocktails and mixed drinks. Due to small scale batch production, each batch is unique with slight differences between batches. The artwork on the label is made by Munir de Vries, a visual artist and muralist.


Colourful White is an unaged white rum with a fruity and rich flavour. This rum is specifically made for use in tropical cocktails and mixed drinks. The artwork on the label is made by Mick La Rock, a contemporary artist and muralist from Amsterdam.

At Rummieclub distillery we do everything ourselves. Fermentation, distillation, aging and even bottling and labeling are all done in-house. By being open and honest about our rum making process, we want to contribute to the knowledge of rum.

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